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Co-hosts Australia and New Zealand write to Fifa about Saudi sponsor




A partnership with Visit Saudi is about to be unveiled, and human rights organisations have already voiced their disapproval of the agreement.

Allegations of violations of human rights have been levelled against the Gulf Kingdom.

Both Football Australia and New Zealand Football have expressed their “disappointment” at not being contacted about this matter.

Amnesty International has referred to it as a “crude exploitation” of the sport of football, and both of them have addressed letters to the global governing body of football.

The Women’s World Cup will take place in cities throughout Australia and New Zealand from the 20th of July to the 20th of August, and the game’s organisers anticipate that a record-breaking two billion people might watch the competition.
The sponsorship agreement, which has not yet been publicly revealed, is a component of a new commercial partnership framework that was established by Fifa to enable firms to provide specialised support for the women’s game.

The terms of the contract have not been made public, but those with knowledge of the matter assert that it will provide the women’s game a big boost, and the money that is created will be spent back into football.

“Football Australia knows Fifa has entered into a destination partnership deal in connection to the Fifa Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023,” stated Football Australia in a statement. “Football Australia understands Fifa has entered into a destination partnership agreement.”

“We are really dismayed that Football Australia was not given the opportunity to provide input on this topic prior to the making of any decision. Fifa has been contacted by Football Australia and New Zealand Football in a collaborative effort to get immediate clarification on the matter.”

“If these claims prove right, we are astonished and saddened to hear this since New Zealand Football have not been informed by Fifa at all on this topic,” New Zealand Football stated. “If these rumours prove correct, we are horrified and disappointed to hear this.”

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has made significant investments in athletic events; nonetheless, there have been allegations that the country is exploiting these events to “sportwash” its image.

There are worries over human rights in the nation, particularly with the use of the death sentence and the rights of women.

Activists fighting for women’s rights have been locked up, despite the fact that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has implemented some positive changes, such as lifting the ban on women driving.

The crown prince has denied the allegations made by western intelligence services that he ordered the killing of writer Jamal Khashoggi in 2018. The allegations were made in 2018.

Nikita White, a campaigner for Amnesty International Australia, stated that it would be “quite the irony for Saudi’s tourism body to sponsor the largest celebration of women’s sport in the world when you consider that, as a woman in Saudi Arabia, you can’t even have a job without the permission of your male guardian,” because women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to work without the permission of their male guardians.

Prior to this, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Sport, Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Faisal, said in an interview with BBC Sport that he feels his nation would never escape criticism on a worldwide scale.

Co-hosts Australia and New Zealand write to Fifa about Saudi sponsor

Prince Abdulaziz is quoted as saying, “I suppose we will always be criticised, but we have to look at what’s best for our nation and our people, and what is genuinely growing our young towards the future.”

The country received the rights to host the men’s Asian Cup in 2027 on Wednesday, and the announcement was made public.

Additionally, Saudi Arabia is competing for the right to organise the first Women’s Asian Cup in the year 2026.

Although Saudi Arabia just started sending women to the Olympics in 2012, the country has been making strides in recent years to improve women’s football. In 2018, female supporters were given permission to watch football matches for the first time in the country’s history.

The Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) has added two women to its board of directors and launched a women’s football department in 2019. Both of these developments took place in 2019.

In 2020, a Women’s Football League was established, and just last month, Saudi Arabia hosted and won a four-nation women’s football tournament in their effort to appear in the Fifa women’s world rankings for the first time. Both of these events were part of Saudi Arabia’s plan to break into the top ten of the Fifa women’s world rankings.

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Watford should summon Craig Cathcart despite January additions:Opinion




The change in the centre defence, which saw William Trost-Eckong and Matty Pollock leave and be replaced by Ryan Porteous and Wesley Hodt, was perhaps the most noticeable change.

Young Polak has temporarily joined the Scottish club in order to get more experience and regular playing time. Troost-Ekong has gone to Serie A side Salernitana on a loan basis with an option to make the deal permanent at the conclusion of the season. Headed to Aberdeen.

Both Porteous and Hodt have agreed to long-term contracts, with Porteous signing for a period of two and a half years with inking terms, and Hodt signing for a period of two and a half years.

Despite these signings, the club should not lose sight of the fact that Craig Cathcart has a contract problem that needs attention.

The new four-year agreement that he signed with the club in the summer of 2019 is set to expire this summer, which means that for the time being, unless a deal is made behind closed doors to our knowledge, he is not obligated to remain with the club beyond this summer. The Northern Irishman is finished and ready to go. This summer, you will be moving out of Vicarage Road.

However, according to the author of this piece, the Hornets should most definitely not allow that to take place and should instead make an offer to the devoted and experienced defender to stay another year at Vicarage Road.

Cathcart is now the finest defender at the club, despite the fact that he recently turned 34 years old. This is the primary reason why.

The Northern Irishman has been a starter whenever he has been healthy this season, both when he was being coached by Rob Edwards earlier in the campaign and again by Slavin Bilic. There is a solid explanation for this.

In recent weeks, when the team’s roster has been devastated by injuries, he has shown exactly how crucial he is to the team.

In point of fact, Cathcart’s impact was enormous as the Hornets momentarily grabbed an improbable win against Norwich earlier this month. This was only one week after the Hornets had defeated Blackpool.

Slavin Bilic, the head coach of the Hornets, said the following to the Watford Observer after the game:

Even though he is usually a leader, today he was the school master since he was the only adult in the room with a bunch of kids.

Watford currently lack leaders in their squad, and with all of their experience at the football club, the Northern Irishman also has something to offer in that regard. Furthermore, with Cathcart’s leadership being prominently featured in these bulk comments, Watford currently lack leaders in their squad. There is a lot that goes into it.

Indeed, at this point in his career, the 34-year-old has played 255 times for the club and counting, and he has witnessed everything that has occurred at Watford in the previous nine years since he joined the club. For better or for worse, he has seen everything that has happened at Watford.

Cathcart generally impresses you as a figure that exhibits excellent training, good sportsmanship, and Leads by exhibiting the appropriate attitude. This is despite the fact that we are unable to determine whether or not his leadership is effective since he is not behind the scenes.

Indeed, Watford are seriously contemplating offering the 34-year-old player a new contract because of his experience and the fact that he still has a lot to contribute to the club at the Championship level. should do. should do. should do. should do. should do. should do. should do. should do. should do. should do. should do. should do. should do. should

This season has provided sufficient evidence to imply that Cathcart is more than a useful player to at least be included in the team for the next season. This is the case even if the club wishes to deploy more of its younger signings moving ahead. Even if it takes place in the Premier League, it cannot be avoided. It does not seem like we will win the title.

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Church of England gender-neutral phrases for God




The Church of England is now debating whether or not it should cease referring to God as “he” and instead let clergy members to adopt gender-neutral language.

The church said that it will be forming a new committee to investigate the incident sometime during the spring. The synod, which is the decision-making body of the church, would have to give its blessing to any conceivable alteration that would represent a divergence from centuries’ worth of established canonical beliefs.

Church of England gender-neutral phrases for God

Bishop of Lichfield and deputy leader of the liturgical committee responsible for the topic, the Rt. Rev. Dr. Michael Ipgrave, said that the church has been “exploring the use of gendered language in regard to God for many years.”

“After some negotiations between the two commissioners in this area, a new collaborative project on gender language will begin this spring,” he added. “The study will look at how language may be used to make assumptions about people’s identities.” “Just like any other potential alterations to permitted liturgical provision, modifying the language and increasing the number of allowed forms of absolution would have to go through the complete synodical procedure in order to get permission.”

The bishop made such remarks in answer to a question regarding the development of “more inclusive language” in services that had been posed to the Synod by Revd Joanna Stobart, the vicar of Ilminster and Whitelackington in Somerset. The question was about the progress that has been made.

It is still unknown what will take the place of the phrase “Our Father” in the Lord’s Prayer, which is considered to be the primary prayer of Christianity and which Jesus is supposed to have directed his disciples to repeat together for centuries.

In response to the possibility of the changes being implemented, conservative opponents have voiced their opposition, with one such critic, the Reverend Dr. Ian Paul, telling the Telegraph that the revisions would amount to a rejection of the church’s own teaching.

He made the following statement: “The fact that God is named ‘Father’ cannot be substituted by ‘Mother’ without affecting the meaning, nor can it be gendered in ‘Parent’ without losing its meaning. Can be partial or prejudiced.

“Fathers and mothers are not interchangeable; nonetheless, the method in which they interact to their children is quite different.”

A representative for the Church of England said that “this is nothing new.” Although Christians have known from ancient times that God is neither male nor female, the Bible addresses and describes God in a variety of ways, and our worship does not always reflect these nuances in the text.

“Ever since we first began offering our present kinds of service in the contemporary language more than 20 years ago, there has been a rise in interest in the investigation of new languages.

At this time, there are absolutely no intentions to delete or amend approved houses of worship, and modifications of this kind are not possible without considerable legislative action.

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Prince William suffers severe setback?





The resignation of the chief executive officer of the Welsh Rugby Union on Sunday in the wake of claims of a “toxic culture” within the organisation seems to have dealt Prince William, the Prince of Wales, a fresh and potentially devastating blow.

Since 2016, Prince William has served in the role of patron for the Welsh Rugby Union.
The Welsh Rugby Union, abbreviated as WRU, is the organisation that oversees the sport at all levels in Wales, from the community clubs that serve as the sport’s foundation at the grassroots level all the way up to the national squad.

Following the release of a documentary that alleged homophobia, racism, and sexism within the WRU, Steve Phillips resigned from his position as head coach.

Prince William suffers severe setback?

Nigel Walker, a former Olympic hurdler who now plays wing for Wales and has taken over as temporary CEO, has warned that Welsh rugby is facing a “existential catastrophe.”

In a statement that was released by the WRU, Phillips stated, “It is with a significant degree of sadness that I have chosen to put in my resignation.” Phillips’ resignation was effective immediately.

“The welfare of Welsh rugby has always been at the forefront of my every decision and activity; but, I have come to the realisation that it is now time for someone else to take the helm and steer the ship in the right direction.” (Web Desk/AFP)

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